Jolie Hair and Beauty Academy of Hazelton, PA is excited to begin offering a new program for Barbering!

The primary purpose of this barbering course is to train students in both theory and practical experiences throughout all phases of barbering. Students will be prepared to successfully pass state board requirements, and begin work in a licensed barber shop as a barber.

The course is particularly directed towards developing desirable habits and attitudes with the respect to health, sanitation and safety which encourages self-reliance, readiness to assist others and an ethical approach to this profession.

Barbering Curriculum (Theory and Practical Instruction) Hours
Honing and Stropping 25
Shaving and various uses of the Straight Razor 240
Haircutting, Hairstyling and Hair Pieces 535
Shampooing and Scalp Massage 25
Hair Coloring 25
Massaging (facials) 25
Hair Waving and Curling (perms), Straightening 25
Scalp and Skin Diseases 50
State Barbering Law and Rules and Regulations 50
Physiology 50
Sterilization and Sanitation 50
Hygiene 25
Bacteriology 25
Electricity(ultraviolet, infrared, curling irons) 25
Professional ethics and barbershop demeanor 25
Manager-Barber instructions, instruments, shop management,
examination orientation and preparation
Total 1250


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