School Makeup for Teens

As girls approach 12 to 13 years old, many begin thinking about wearing makeup to school. When done properly, school makeup can increase a girl’s confidence and enhance her existing features. The key, however, is to make school makeup for teens look as natural as possible. Super-saturated bright colors are a no-no, as are black eyeliners, shadows and mascaras. While a deep red lipstick or a smoky eye may be appropriate for a glamorous evening out, for instance, neither has a place in the classroom. Here’s how to apply makeup for school that will show off your best features and make you look naturally beautiful.

Skin Care

Blemishes are a common concern for teens. But instead of caking on foundation and concealer to hide pimples, make it a priority to follow a daily skin care regimen to fight acne breakouts and reduce the need for these cosmetic products entirely. Use a gentle cleanser, toner and moisturizer every morning and night to remove dirt, dissolve oil and nourish your skin. If home treatments aren’t doing the trick, schedule an appointment with a dermatologist for a skin consultation. She may be able to recommend a prescription treatment for getting rid of embarrassing blemishes once and for all.

Face Makeup

School makeup for teens will likely require a bit of concealer to hide pimples and other small skin imperfections. And while a bit of concealer is fine, it should be used sparingly and blended well. Foundations, on the other hand, should be avoided altogether as they are generally unnecessary for teens and make their school makeup appear overdone. Instead, brush the face gently with a bit of loose powder to reduce shine, control oil and set the concealer in place. If you want to use a bit of blush, brush a bit of light pink or coral blush onto the apples of your cheeks and blend outwards along your cheekbones.

Eye Makeup

Learning how to apply makeup on your eyes take practice – particularly in regards to eye liner, which will look messy and unnatural when applied with too much pressure or with a shaky hand. If you want to wear eyeliner, select a pencil liner which is easier to apply and blend naturally. Choose a brown or charcoal grey opposed to black, which is too dark for school makeup for teens. Likewise, it’s best to select brown or brownish-black mascara for school makeup. If you decide to wear eye shadow, stick to light color palettes and use sparkles and other accents sparingly.

Lip Makeup

When selecting school makeup for teens, select a slick lip gloss rather than lipstick. Lip gloss complements all looks well and prevents makeup from looking overdone. If you want a bit of color, opt for a tinted lip gloss instead. It will give you a subdued color and make your school makeup look more natural.

The last, and perhaps most important, tip for teens to consider when learning how to apply makeup is the importance of blending. Blend makeup well with your fingertips or a makeup sponge to eliminate streaks and create a polished, flattering look for school or elsewhere.

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