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Accredited Beauty Schools in New Jersey

At accredited beauty schools in New Jersey, students receive specialized training to help launch their careers in the beauty industry. This training is the first step towards a rewarding and in-demand career with almost limitless growth opportunities, whether someone dreams of becoming a salon stylist, a salon owner or a theatrical makeup artist.

When looking at beauty schools in New Jersey, it’s important to select a school that meets the state’s stringent accreditation standards. These standards ensure that each beauty school in the state provides students with ample preparation to pass the state licensing exam and begin their careers as licensed professionals after graduation.

Both the beauty school in Turnersville and the beauty school in Northfield are accredited beauty schools in the state. Depending on the campus location, students at these schools can study for careers as cosmetologists, skin care specialists and cosmetology instructors. All of these programs are designed to meet or exceed state accreditation guidelines to give students the most comprehensive training possible for their new careers.

At each of these Jolie Academy locations, students learn through a combination of hands-on and practical experience. In the beginning, students will spend much of their training in the classroom learning the fundamentals of their specialty. This training will include a thorough education in sanitation, hygiene, infection control and basic anatomy and physiology. This is all necessary information for every aspiring beauty professional and will be tested for heavily on the state licensing exam.

Here in the classroom, students can also expect to begin their hands-on training, which they’ll conduct on both classmates and mannequins. This early practice helps students at accredited beauty schools develop their skills, so that they’re better prepared to work in the student clinic during the next phase of their training. The student clinic is a professional salon located right at the school, where students provide hair, skin and nail services to clients under the watchful eye of an experienced instructor. This experience is incredibly valuable for the professional in training, as it provides them with ample opportunities to hone their craft before graduation.

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