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Barber Career Training Jolie Academy

From clipper cuts to foam shaves, the barber career training program at Jolie Academy will give you the knowledge and skills required to launch your career in this creative industry. Small class sizes and individualized instruction are critical aspects of the Jolie Academy experience, ensuring that you receive an education that is in line with your personal career goals, whether they consist of opening your own barbershop, working in a successful salon or becoming a barber instructor.

Hands-on Career Training

From your first week at Jolie Academy, hands-on training will play a large role in your education. This training begins in the classroom, where you’ll practice your cutting, clipper and chemical processing techniques under the close guidance of an instructor. Safety and sanitation will be strongly emphasized throughout this portion of the training program, ensuring that you not only learn the techniques needed to succeed, but that you know how to perform them safely.

Once the fundamental skills are established, you’ll be invited to work in the Jolie Academy student clinic. This real-world salon connects students with actual customers who become willing participants in the career training program. In the clinic, you’ll be able to give professional haircuts, learn to give a proper shave and perform chemical hair processes such as bleaching, dying and highlighting. You’ll also learn business skills that are essential to the barber career, such as time management, communicating with clients and managing inventory.

Theoretical Instruction

This hands-on training will be supported by a comprehensive curriculum in anatomy and physiology, bacteriology, common skin conditions, hair structure and other concepts of importance to a barber career. This instruction will be incredibly valuable in helping you prepare for the barber licensing exam after graduation, which consists of both a written and practical component. As you near graduation, you can expect exam preparation to become incredibly important, with instructors spending extra time reviewing the most important concepts and helping students enhance their understanding of any areas they find confusing.

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