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How to Become a Barber

At the Razor’s Edge Barber Shop in Millville, New Jersey, owner Christian Tiptin is focused on creating an upscale barbering experience that brings back many of the qualities these shops have always been known for: cleanliness, professionalism, creativity and a family-friendly atmosphere. To uphold these standards, it has become important for him to hire barbers who have the professionalism needed to maintain that image. “After hiring a few of our graduates, Tiptin has said that he only wants to hire barbers who have graduated from Jolie [Academy],” Northfield barber instructor Stacey Lauer said. “This is a really amazing testament to the quality of the education we’re providing.”

At Jolie Academy, students learn to be a barber through an intensive, hands-on program that includes both classroom and practical experience in men’s hairstyles and facial care. Barbering school students also spend ample time learning about the business of barbering, which includes management, sanitation and customer service. “Our graduates are leaving here feeling very well-prepared,” Lauer said. “In fact, all of my students have passed their written exams.”

Many of these students still need to take their practical exams, though Lauer isn’t worried about whether they’ll pass. “A few of our students have already earned their barber license and are working in the field,” she said. “They’re definitely ready.”

A Creative Approach to Barber Training

Although there are many fundamental techniques aspiring barbers must learn, Jolie Academy also recognizes and encourages the creative aspect of the career. This creativity is encouraged in the classroom, in the student clinic and through schoolwide events such as the Jolie Academy barber battle, which Tiptin judged recently. “I just spoke with a student who told me he was artistically driven to attend barbers [sic] school,” Lauer said. “He loved the program and felt very well prepared for his new career.”

One graduate who may also have benefited from this creative energy is Jean Carlos Alvarado, a current employee of Tiptin’s at the Razor’s Edge. “Jean has worked very hard to develop the perfect beard oil,” Lauer said. 

This oil is already for sale at Tiptin’s barber shop, though Alvarado has hopes of reaching a wider audience. With an upcoming appearance in GQ magazine, he may soon get that chance.

If you’re interested in learning how to become a barber, we encourage you to visit Jolie Academy to learn more about our barber classes. Through our job shadow program, you’ll have an opportunity to attend a class, ask questions and see our barber students in action. 

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