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What are the Professional Barber’s Skills?

What are the Professional Barber’s Skills?

Through barber school, students learn all of the skills they need to pass their state board exams and start a career as a professional barber. In addition to these skills, the most effective barbers possess a quality that barber instructor Cindy Pane thinks is equally important to anything taught in school. That skill, is a genuine interest and love for the industry.

Is Barbering for You?

Pane suggests that anyone who is interested in working as a professional barber make an appointment at a barber school to learn more about the career. “Many prospective students don’t realize what the job really entails,” Pane said. “They think all they’ll be doing is cutting men’s hair, when in reality, there’s a lot more to it than that.”

In fact, the barbering and cosmetology programs at Jolie Academy have a lot of overlap, with students in both programs well trained in all areas of hair and skin care. And although it’s not mandatory, barbering students also have the opportunity to learn basic manicuring — an important skill that is finding its way into more and more barber shops.

Professional Skills

In barber school, students learn all of the skills they need to work as a professional barber. These skills will help them pass their state board exams and then land a job in this growing field. Some of the skills students can expect to learn in barber school include:

  • Shaving the face, neck and back of the neck
  • Clipper cutting for both short and long hair
  • Shear training for men and women’s haircuts

“Students will also learn hair coloring, perming, facials and nail care,” Pane said.

Students develop these skills through a combination of theory and practice. “For example, students in class learn about the different muscles going to work in the face, and then in the clinic, they’ll practice the different haircutting strokes,” she said.

This combination of classroom and hands-on practice is the best way to prepare students for a career as a professional barber, as it develops not only their skills, but also their confidence.

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