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How to get a Barber License in New Jersey

The New Jersey State Board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling is the agency that oversees the barbering profession within the state, issuing professional licenses to those who meet the educational requirements and pass the licensing examination. With both independent accreditations and licensure by the state board, Jolie Academy is an excellent first step for anyone wanting to earn a barber license in the state.

Taking the First Step: Barber School

At Jolie Academy, our goal is twofold: to give you the education you’ll need to pass the state’s barber license exam and to give you the specialized knowledge you’ll need to excel in the field. With this in mind, our students receive plenty of hands-on training in razor and clipper cutting — two important techniques in the barber profession. At Jolie Academy, you’ll also take coursework in: sanitation and hygiene, professional ethics, haircutting and styling techniques, skin care, hair coloring, permanent waving and barber shop management.

Earning Your Barber License

As you approach the conclusion of your education at one of the barber schools in New Jersey, you’ll be eligible to apply for the state’s licensing exam, which is held at various testing centers throughout the state. The first part of the exam is a 110-question written exam covering general barbering concepts, the hair and scalp, physical services, chemical services and hairstyling and shaping. Upon passing the written exam with a score of 75 or above, you’ll be able to schedule your practical examination – a hands-on evaluation of your barbering skills where you’ll prove that you have the technical mastery necessary to work as a professional barber.

Those who complete both parts of the exam successfully will receive their professional barber license...and the go-ahead to begin their barbering careers in the state.

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