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Barber Academy in Pennsyvlania

Barber Academy in Pennsylvania

Barbering is one of the world’s oldest professions, with a history dating back thousands of years. In fact, archeologists found evidence of barbering as far back as the glacial age, when rocks, bones and shells were sharpened and used as cutting tools.

Today’s cutting tools are much more sophisticated, as are the techniques used to cut and style men’s hair. From cutting, to styling, to coloring and beard design, aspiring barbers have a lot to learn before working in the profession. Those interested in how to become a barber in PA must start by enrolling in a barber academy. Schools such as Jolie Academy give students the skills and theoretical knowledge necessary to pass the state board exam and begin working in the field.

Barber Academy Curriculum

In barber school, you’ll learn everything you need to know to begin your career as a professional barber. Hands-on training will play a big role in your education, with many class hours spent working on mannequins, fellow students and clients in the school’s student clinic. This hands-on experience will reinforce your classroom instruction and develop your technical skills.

Topics covered include:

  • Barbering tools and accessories
  • The structure and composition of hair
  • Hair and scalp treatments
  • Haircutting and styling
  • Mustache and beard design
  • Hair coloring
  • Permanent waving, finger waving and curling techniques

Students in our barber academy will also learn valuable job search, marketing and management skills to help them better understand how to become barber in PA.

Selecting a Barber Academy

If you want to get your barbering career started on the right track, you need to start your education at the right school. The first step is to schedule visits at barber schools in your area to learn more about the curriculum and school atmosphere. While you’re there, observe students in class and interacting with one another to see how happy they seem. Other things to look for are the student-teacher ratio, instructor expertise and quality of the tools and hair products used. If possible, it’s also a great idea to talk to recent graduates of the academy who will be better able to speak about the quality of their education and their career opportunities so far.

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