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Barber Schools New Jersey

From clipper cutting to permanent waving, students at barber schools in NJ receive a comprehensive education in both men’s and women’s hair care. The goal of this barber training is to provide students with the education and professional skills they’ll need to launch their careers after graduation.

At Jolie Academy, hands-on training plays a prominent role in each student’s barbering education. It is through this training that students are able to practice what they’ve learned in the classroom as they gain professional level barbering skills and develop confidence in their abilities.

About Hands-on Barber Training

This hands-on barber training begins in the classroom, with students practicing their techniques on classmates and mannequins. It is here where students begin getting a feel for the clippers and razor – two important tools they’ll use daily in their careers. As they practice, instructors are ready and waiting to help students as needed to ensure that each has a firm grasp of the material and knows how to use the tools correctly.

Upon learning the fundamentals, students at barber schools in NJ then advance into the student clinic – a real-world salon and barbershop where students perform hair, skin and nail procedures on paying clients. In the clinic, students really begin developing their technique and acquiring the experience needed to both pass the state licensing exam and begin their careers. Throughout their training, students will gain hands-on experience in:

  • Men’s Haircutting Techniques such as clipper over comb cutting, razor cutting, close fade clipper cuts and crew cuts.
  • Women’s Haircutting Techniques such as layered cuts, graduated cuts, blunt cuts and flat iron pressing.
  • Color and Texture Services such as permanent waving, double-process hair coloring, strand testing and beard and mustache coloring.

Through this repetition, students will develop a firm grasp of both the theoretical knowledge and hands-on techniques required of a professional barber. All of this hands-on practice at barber schools in NJ also provides students with time to develop their own techniques and artistic flair – important qualities that will help them build a client base for themselves after graduation.

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