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Barbering Courses in New Jersey

At the Jolie Academy campuses in Cherry Hill and Northfield, New Jersey, there is a group of students beginning a program that is new to the state – barbering.  “In the past, barbers had to go through a full cosmetology program, which touches on everything from hairstyling to manicuring,” barber instructor Isabel Colon said.  “Now, they have their own program that focuses on the men’s side of hair care.”

This program is also an accelerated version of the full cosmetology program, so students are able to complete their studies in less time.  At 900 hours, the professional barber program at Jolie Academy takes approximately eight months to complete for full-time students.  At the conclusion of the program, students will be eligible to sit for the state’s licensing exam and begin their barber career. 

A Growing Program

As students continue their barber training, instructors such as Colon are working hard to deliver a curriculum that provides them with the hands-on lessons they’ll need to earn their barber licenses after graduation.  “Right now, we’re planning a beard competition, where students will be able to bring in family or friends to practice shaping and coloring their facial hair with a specialized colored pencil,” she said.

There will be prizes awarded to the winners, which will include professional-quality products such as scissors, razors and jackets.  “These items are of a much higher quality than what typically come in the educational kits,” Colon said.  “These are the types of items they’ll be able to carry with them into their barber career.”

Additional events are planned for the future, including field trips to the International Beauty Show for the barber competition, as well as other conventions.  Once they’re further along in the barber course, students will also have an opportunity to work on actual paying clients in the student clinic.  This hands-on facility will function as a professional barbershop and will focus on men’s hair and facial care services.  “This will include many of the same services as our cosmetology clinic, such as washes, haircuts, shaving, hair coloring, facials, permanent waving and relaxing.”

“I see the barber clinic growing pretty quickly,” Colon said.  “We’ve already received quite a bit of interest from the outside public.”

If you’re interested in barbering courses in New Jersey, please call us at (800) 619-5135 to learn how you can spend a day shadowing students at the Cherry Hill or Northfield campus.  This program allows you to spend a half or full day at our school where you’ll attend classes, talk with instructors and learn what it’s like to be a Jolie Academy student.  You’ll also receive a complementary salon service! 

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