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Hair Cuts for Men

Whether you are looking for a business appropriate style or something edgier, you have many hair cuts for men to choose from. Popular short hair cuts for men such as the Ivy League and Caesar cut are great choices for the office, while styles such as The Undercut are more appropriate for trendsetters who like to stand out. Here are some popular styles to consider for your next hair cut.

The Ivy League

The Ivy League is a classic, low-maintenance hair style that is popular among young college students and business people alike. It is flattering on most face shapes and can be particularly well suited for men whose hair is fine or thinning.

These hair cuts for men are characterized by hair that is cut short along the sides and back, while at the crown, it is tapered and left slightly longer – usually at a length of one to one-and-a-half inches. The longer hair in the front allows it to be combed or parted on the side.

The Short Buzz Cut

When it comes to short hair cuts for men, few styles are as short (or as easy to maintain) as the short buzz cut.

To create these hair cuts for men, barbers use clippers with a number one blade to cut the hair short and even all over the head. The look is so easy to recreate, in fact, that it can be easily done at home with a good pair of clippers and a trusted friend.

Short buzz cuts look best on men with oval or round faces. If you’re considering trying this look, it is important to know that it will accentuate your jawline and may not be suitable for individuals with highly-pronounced chins or square jaws. Any scars you have on your scalp will also be visible when hair is cut so short.

The Undercut

Although not classified as one of the short hair cuts for men, The Undercut has surged in popularity recently thanks to popular television shows which have sparked interest in the classic style. Originally popular during the 1920s and 1930s, the Undercut is characterized by hair that is left longer at the crown and cut short along the back and sides. The long hair is then typically slicked back with a gel or cream-based styling product.

Unlike other hair cuts for men, the Undercut is not a style that works for everyone. If you’re considering the style, and wondering how it will look on you, ask your barber for his opinion. Of course, if you try the style and it doesn’t work for you, it is easy enough to fix; simply have your barber cut off the long layers at the crown to create a short buzz cut or another one of the short hair cuts for men.

The Caesar Cut

Named after Julius Caesar, the Caesar Cut is another classic style that never seems to fade in popularity. These short hair cuts for men are characterized by hair that is cut to a length of one to two inches over the entire head. The hair is then pushed forward in the front and held in place with a bit of gel or styling cream.

If you have curly or wavy hair, the Caesar Cut is one of the hair cuts for men that works well with that texture. It’s also effective in hiding thinning hair – particularly around the hairline.

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