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Student Spotlight: Overcoming Challenges With the Support of My Teachers

Jolie Academy Cosmetology student Kadiatou Bah feels she would not have been able to overcome her challenges were it not for the teachers at Jolie Academy.

Getting Ready for Prom Season (& Our Fashion Show)

Prom season is almost upon us! In order to prepare our students for creating prom looks, we’re holding a campus-wide prom fashion show contest on Monday, March 27th. Get inspired by a look featuring some of our favorite trends.

Why You Should Change Your Foundation for Spring

Transitioning into a new season often means changing up your beauty routine, hair color, and clothing, but what about your foundation?

First New Hair Trend of 2017: Blorange

Just a few months into 2017, we’re already seeing glimpses of one of the latest adventurous hair trends.

3 Favorite Vegan Beauty Brands (Plus, a Bonus!)

Whether you eat a vegan diet, or not, vegan beauty products have been on the rise. Check out 3 of the best vegan beauty brands, one of which you may already have in your arsenal.

Jolie Teacher Spotlight: Tracy Kovach

During her 10-year journey in the cosmetology industry, Jolie Academy Instructor Tracy Kovach never thought that she would go back to school to become a teacher. It wasn’t until one of her cosmetology instructors inspired her to share her talents and gifts with others, that she decided to give it a shot.

What Is the Upside down Makeup Trend?

You may have heard of the upside down makeup trend, but do you know what it is? (Hint: it has nothing to do with Stranger Things.)

10 Super Powered Foods for Healthy Skin and Hair

Rethink your beauty routine from the inside out!

Candy Pop Art Makeup Inspiration

This month’s contest at Jolie features candy pop art makeup. Not sure what look you are going for? No worries! We have some inspiration to get you started.

Student Spotlight: How Getting Ready for Prom Sparked My Interest in Jolie

Jolie Student Ashley Villa-Gonzalez never planned on going into the cosmetology industry, although she always possessed a talent when it came to hair styling and cutting. It wasn’t until she was getting ready for prom that she even thought of cosmetology as a potential career path.

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