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10 Super Powered Foods for Healthy Skin and Hair

Rethink your beauty routine from the inside out!

Candy Pop Art Makeup Inspiration

This month’s contest at Jolie features candy pop art makeup. Not sure what look you are going for? No worries! We have some inspiration to get you started.

Student Spotlight: How Getting Ready for Prom Sparked My Interest in Jolie

Jolie Student Ashley Villa-Gonzalez never planned on going into the cosmetology industry, although she always possessed a talent when it came to hair styling and cutting. It wasn’t until she was getting ready for prom that she even thought of cosmetology as a potential career path.

4 Beauty Tips for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is regarded as the most romantic night of the year, so why not pull out all the stops to achieve the perfect look.

Why Starting a Career in the Beauty Industry Is the Perfect Midlife Game Changer

Looking to make a midlife career change? Here are some reasons why a job in the beauty industry is the perfect choice.

2016 Beauty Trends to Leave Behind

Some things should stay in the past. This includes sharp lines, intense brows, and startlingly dark lips. Here are the top beauty trends we recommend leaving behind in 2016.

5 Cold Weather Beauty Tips to Help Get Through the Winter

The winter months can be drying and harsh on sensitive skin. Here are five tips to help you get through the coldest season and still have glowing skin.

Mythical Beings Makeup Inspiration

Get creative with your mythical looks using these 5 examples from Instagram.

Exceeding Expectations: 5 Grad Experiences

Find out what five recent graduates have to say about their time at Jolie Academy, and the advice they have for incoming and current students.

7 Ways to Build Your Salon or Barbershop Client Base

It’s not only important that you fill your chair, but that you fill it with the clientele you want. Here are seven tips to get clients to return and tell their friends about you.

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