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All About Mineral Makeup

There’s a lot of talk in beauty circles these days about mineral makeup. Created from crushed minerals, it is a natural-looking makeup product that is lightweight and breathable. So, instead of covering up your skin and clogging pores like traditional liquid makeup and powders, it simply gives your skin a healthy glow. It also wears much better than traditional makeup products — especially in hot and humid environments where makeup can feel as if it’s melting off your face.

Mineral makeups may most commonly be associated with loose powders, but products are available for blushes, bronzers, eye shadows and lipsticks, as well.

Who Should Consider Mineral Makeup

Although it can benefit most people, mineral makeup is particularly beneficial for individuals with sensitive skin, allergies to typical makeup ingredients, rosacea or eczema because it doesn’t contain any of the common skin irritants that are all too commonly found in over-the-counter makeup products. It’s also a great choice for acne-prone skin, because the makeup won’t clog pores.

In fact, the lack of additives such as preservatives, parabens, mineral oil, fragrance and chemical dyes is the main difference between mineral and traditional makeup. As a result of this difference, mineral makeups make it possible for many women to wear makeup who were never able to before.

It’s also important to realize, however, that this type of makeup isn’t appropriate for everyone. If you’re looking to cover fine lines, large pores or scarring, for example, mineral makeup may not give you the results you’re looking for. It also has a tendency to accentuate flaky skin, so avoid using it when your face is dry.

Other Advantages of Mineral Makeup

Because of the titanium dioxide and zinc oxide contained in the makeup, mineral makeup also has some sun protectant qualities that will protect your face from harmful ultraviolet rays. Don’t expect it to act as a replacement for sunscreen when enjoying a day at the beach, but it will offer a bit of extra protection when outdoors for brief periods of time. This concentration of zinc oxide also makes it an FDA-approved skin protectant for calming irritated skin and reducing skin inflammation.