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Hurricane Sandy Cut-A-Thon: Our efforts to help restore the shore!

On Wednesday, our Jolie campuses participated in a Cut-A-Thon to aid our New Jersey campus, where students and faculty have been affected by Hurricane Sandy. We had a great turn out. I was fortunate enough to be in our Wilkes-Barre location where they pulled out all the stops. The students and faculty came in early with their goodies and helped separate them into individual bags to sell to the customers coming in for the Cut-A-Thon. Everyone was excited and doing whatever they could to help get ready for the event.

Shapel Jones (left) and Freya Quick(right), Senior Cosmetology students, help set up before the Cut-A-Thon begins

Tina McDonald and Tania Apostolico, students in our evening nail class, came in early with baskets for the raffle. “I wanted to put together a basket because I know what it’s like to lose things in a flood. I’ve lost valuables due to water damage and it is very hard to recover from that. I thought this was an important event to contribute to, my heart goes out to the people in this situation,” said Tina. Tania also wanted to show her support by coming in early because she “has a big heart and wants to do whatever she can in this tragic situation.”

Tania Apostolico (left) and Tina McDonald (right) pose with the baskets they generously donated for the basket raffle.


Our senior teacher, Ms. Dee, was a vital part of this fundraiser. She and I stayed late to set up tables and make sure everything would be ready to go first thing in the morning. She even made extra baked goods just to make sure we had enough. When asked about her dedication to this event, she said, “I was very excited to lend a hand and help out my fellow staff members who are in need of basic necessities. I knew it would be a challenge but overall I think it came together. Students, staff and teachers all came together to donate whatever they

Bernice Clark decides what basket to place her raffle tickets into.

had to help our New Jersey campus. I think that everyone felt a connection to the campus in New Jersey because they know what it feels like to be a part of the Jolie family. I hope the families there are starting to put their lives back together and move forward from Hurricane Sandy. “

Ms. Dee’s Aunt Bernice was our first client of the day. She came in because she wanted to help out the people of New Jersey and she wasn’t sure how. When Ms. Dee called to tell her about the event she was organizing, Bernice new this was the place to go for her to support the families of Hurricane Sandy. “Everyone at Jolie was very sweet. I helped myself to a

Ms. Dee Poses in front of her cupcakes while waiting for customers

few goodies at the bake sale and got to interact with everyone at Jolie. The idea for the Cut-A-Thon was wonderful! I think it is so nice to see a school raising money for their other school in a time of need!” Bernice also bought some raffle tickets in hopes of winning a basket at our basket raffle.


Jayanne Czerniakawski (top) getting a wash and set done by senior cosmetologist Katie Luckzak.

Some former students showed up in support of their school and to help the cause. Jayanne Czerniakawski, who graduated in 2008, stopped by with her kids and even though she didn’t want a haircut, she still made sure to get a service done and give some money to her kids to get some treats. “I used to come to school here at Jolie and I saw that they were having a fundraiser for the New Jersey school online. I think this is a great cause and a great way to raise awareness in this area.” Said Jayanne.


(Students Shaquil Batten (left) Katie Luckzak (right) and Shapel Jones (bottom) evjoy some baked good while admiring the basket raffle)

The outpouring was amazing. The clinic floor was always busy and everyone was talking about the great things going on. Overall, Jolie Hair and Beauty Academy in Wilkes Barre brought in over $400. Al-together the 4 campuses combined raised over $1,000 to be sent and distributed to the students and faculty members trying to re-build from Hurricane Sandy.