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Each day at Jolie Academy, students attend classes in preparation for careers in the cosmetology and healthcare industries. And while these students may have different career goals, they were once all in the same place: the Jolie admissions office applying for a spot in one of our programs of study.

Schedule a Visit

If you are interested in joining the Jolie family, your first step should be to call or visit the school to schedule an admissions interview. This interview is a critical part of the application process, as it allows you to tour the beauty school facilities, observe classes and interact with staff. It also allows you to discuss your career goals with a professional who can help you determine the right educational path for you. You may know you want to work in the healthcare field, for example, but aren’t clear on the differences between the phlebotomy and nurse aide programs. With the help of our admissions representatives, you’ll be well prepared to make an educated decision about your future.

Try Out a Program

If there are a few different programs at our beauty school that interest you, your admissions representative may suggest that you participate in our job shadow program. This program allows prospective students to try out our different health and beauty school programs by participating in classes and meeting with instructors. Students may even try out a few different programs if there are a few that interest them.

Apply for Admission

Once you’re ready to enroll, your admissions representative will walk you through the application process. This process begins by ensuring that you meet the prerequisites for the course, which will include a high school diploma or equivalent. With these requirements met, you’ll begin the application process and prepare to begin classes on an upcoming program start date. Throughout this process, your representative will answer all your questions and provide you with all the information you’ll need to begin your education at the Jolie health and beauty school.