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Northfield, NJ is thinking PINK!

On Friday I traveled to Northfield, NJ where they were holding a Cut-A-Thon in support of breast cancer awareness. When I arrived it looked fabulous! Everyone pitched in and decided to deck out the salon with pink and white streamers and balloons in support of the cause. The senior students even added their own special touches by making ribbons to sell to customers to add to the donation total. The staff also baked goodies to sell to the customers coming in to have their hair cut.

The students sent out flyers to local businesses and advertised on the local radio stations in the weeks leading up to the Cut-A-Thon. When the Cut-A-Thon officially started, our students got creative and decided to generate more customers by going out to the road with signs and pink balloons to bring in more business. The local radio station also broadcasted live for the event.

“It feels good to be able to do something that will help a lot of people.” said student Jamie Giovinazzi. “Many students at the campus have a family member or friend who has been affected by breast cancer and we want to do whatever we can to help them.” Jamie’s sister and father came out today to support the cause.

Sherry Sherwood, Jamie’s sister says, “You are never prepared for the diagnosis of breast cancer and what you will go through.” Jamie’s mother passed away in 2002.

“We were married 47 magical years. We met at the age of 14 and I loved her ever since.” Said Jamie’s father Butch Kabbeko. ” I want to raise awareness to help out other families going through a breast cancer diagnosis.”

Miss. Jame, a teacher here at Jolie Hair and Beauty Academy in Northfield, NJ, said they decided to hold this event because it was a charity a lot of the students were passionate about. “I left it up to the students to decide what foundation to donate the proceeds to. Everyone worked together as a team and bonded throughout this event.”

The Cut-A-Thon had a very successful turnout. The students generated over $300 dollars from haircuts alone. In addition, the school also raised over $200 dollars with ribbon donations and bake sale proceeds. All together, the students raised a total of over $500 dollars.