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National Comic Book Day Contest Inspiration

Comic books are making a resurgence through the many Marvel and DC movies we see flashing across the big screen. This month’s Jolie contest is to celebrate National Comic Book day.

Turning Passions into Careers: Recent Graduates

Find out about the experiences of four recent Jolie graduates. Hear about how Jolie Academy helped them grow in their field and their own advice to prospective and current students.

Jolie Turnersville Graduate Spotlights: Two Recent Grads & Where They Are Now

We asked two recent Jolie Academy Turnersville graduates about life after Jolie. Each graduate had exciting news!

Our Favorite Beauty Trends from Each of These 6 Countries

Beauty trends differ from country to country. Here are some of our favorite products based on the trend of a select few countries.

Upcoming Student Clinic Promotions at Jolie

There are many exciting things going on at Jolie this month! In addition to our typical hair and skin services that are part of our student clinic, we also have some upcoming promotions redeemable at any Jolie Academy location:

2017 Fall Hair Trend Alert

We are approaching a new season and that means fresh trends in makeup, hair, and fashion. Take a look at what’s coming up for fall 2017! We’re loving these fresh hair trends:

Rainbow Hair Carving: Our Latest Instagram Hair Obsession

You may have noticed this trend as you’re mindlessly scrolling through your Instagram feed.

5 Student Work Spotlights

Whether it’s movie star styled locks, a seamlessly blended eyeshadow look, or a fade buzzed to perfection, Jolie students are always prepared to exceed the expectations of their clients. We love watching our students learn, grow, and turn their goals into opportunities for success! 

Falling for Fall Hair Colors

From caramel highlights to rich red dyes, the colors of autumn always seem to inspire new hair hues. Here are the most popular fall hair color trends that are sure to give your clients hair envy – and the techniques to achieve them.

How to Pick Your Perfect Mermaid Hair

Even as the summer season is boiling down to a simmer, mermaid hair is still a hot, sizzling trend. Everyone (and Instagram) can’t get enough of the rainbow transformations. If your clients are thinking of experimenting with color, lead them in the right direction with these tips on how to find the mermaid hair that suits their lifestyle and tastes.

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