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Princess Perfect Styles and Other Disney ‘Do’s

Northfield, NJ is thinking PINK!

On Friday I traveled to Northfield, NJ where they were holding a Cut-A-Thon in support of breast cancer awareness. When I arrived it looked fabulous! Everyone pitched in and decided to deck out the salon with pink and white streamers and balloons in support of the cause. The senior students even added their own special touches by making ribbons to sell to customers to add to the donation total. The staff also baked goodies to sell to the customers coming in to have their hair cut.

Teacher Spotlight of the Month: Michele Kurtz

Jolie Academy Northfield instructor, Michele Kurtz, has nearly 20 years of experience in the cosmetology industry. At Jolie Academy, she shares her industry and life lessons with the next generation of students.

It's time for a winter Spray Tan!

I don't know about you but this time of year makes me dream of beaches!  I am not a fan of winter and now that the holidays are over there is nothing left to look forward to other than my count down to summer!  

Click through to learn more about Spray Tans from Jaime Iacono of www.shimmerforyou.com.

Why Choose Airbrush Make Up?

The real question is why not?! . . .

Click to read more from Beauty Professional, Jaime Iacono.

Why Choose a Pro

Why should you choose a professional to take care of your hair and make up for your most important moments in life? Click to read more from beauty professional Jaime Iacono.

What Social Media's Best Stylists Can Teach You About Building Your Personal Brand

As a hair and beauty specialist, having a strong personal brand is key to building your business. You can’t succeed without clients! What you can do is do great work, show it to the world, and make it easy for potential clients to choose you over other stylists.

Today’s social media platforms have made it easier than ever to build a personal brand, but don’t be mistaken: it still takes work! We looked at some of today’s best stylists on social media to see how they’re handling their own personal brands, and what they could teach others about doing the same.

So: what can social media’s best stylists teach you about building your personal brand? Take a look below to find out:

What Make Up Brush Should I be Using?!

Many people ask me what kind of brush should I be using to apply foundation or what brush do you prefer? The great thing about make up is there is no wrong answer! Don't let the lady at the fancy make up counter tell you that you can only use a foundation brush that costs a ton of money.

Click to read more from beauty expert Jaime Iacono!

5 Tips for Better Looking Skin

One of the first things we notice about someone new is their complexion. Someone’s makeup could be perfect, or their hair could be flawless, but blemishes can draw attention away from all of that. Blemishes or skin imperfections can detract from someone’s overall look and also lower self-esteem.

Whether it’s for you or your client, clearer skin can help a person feel better. With that in mind, we’ve gathered our five favorite tips to help you achieve clearer, healthier skin:

Three rules every barber needs for a successful career

Ladies and gentlemen, start your clippers. The summer barber battles are heating up – starting with Jolie Academy’s Cherry Hill campus’ first-ever Barber Battle on June 13. The event is a chance to show off your skills and gain a little recognition for your stylish work. Cherry Hill students can sign-up at the school to battle it out in the categories of fastest fade, classic cut and freestyle.

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