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Beauty Blog — Lots of Information About Beauty Schools

Teacher of the Month Spotlight: Patricia Merlock

Jolie Academy instructor Patricia Merlock talks about her diverse experience in the cosmetology industry and what led her to give back in the best way she knew how: by teaching.

Teacher of the Month Spotlight: Stephanie Seider

Here at Jolie, we like to recognize our staff for making a positive impact for students. Stephanie Seider is our teacher of the month! Stephanie is hard-working and caring—she creates the type of learning environment we love. For this blog, we thought we would share some information to help you get to know her better.

Teacher of the Month Spotlight: Marie Whitson

Jolie Academy Turnersville instructor, Marie Whitson, found her passion in the beauty industry 35 years ago and has been passing on her love and knowledge in the beautician field to students for the past four years.

Click to read more about Marie!


Even when you’re focused on a goal, there are some times in life where it can be easy to get distracted or give up on a dream. Jolie Teacher of the Month Dienna Severino gives this advice to her students:

Teacher of the Month Spotlight: Dee Ashford

Believe it and you can do it. That’s the philosophy Dee Ashford instills in all her students. 

Click to learn more about our teacher Dee Ashford!

Teacher of the Month Spotlight: Celeste Taterus

Follow your dreams. You can achieve them.

Celeste Taterus is living proof of the success of this mantra. She’s had many dreams over the course of her life, and isn’t scared to step up to the plate and turn them into reality. At Jolie Academy, she encourages her students to adopt the same philosophy.

Teacher of the Month Spotlight: Brooke O’Neill

Here at Jolie, we recognize staff standouts who make a difference for Jolie students. Just this past Saturday, we recognized many standouts at Jolie’s Annual Staff Awards Ceremony. One recognized staff member was Brooke O’Neill, who received the award for Faculty Member of the Year at our Northfield campus. For this month’s Teacher Spotlight, Brooke was the obvious choice to highlight. We thought we would take this opportunity to help you get to know her better. 

March Student Ambassador: JoAnna McGee

Here at Jolie, we recognize student standouts each month who are excelling in their academics, have great attendance and really contribute something special to the Jolie family by being helpful and positive to other students.  Our student ambassador for the month of March is JoAnna McGee!

Strobing 101

Everyone wants to look their freshest and best. Whether you’re running errands or going to a big party, you and your clients want to turn heads. A soft, dewy look is perfect. Unlike contouring, strobing is easy to learn and hard to mess up! 

Specialty Skincare Treatments

Nothing ruins a hot look more than no-so-flawless skin! Everybody’s got something: crows feet, dark spots, acne, scars. When you’re battling your blemishes and wrinkles, even if your makeup is amazing, it’s hard to feel your best. Sometimes, facials and a good skincare routine are enough to take care of minor issues. Other times, you or your client may need a little more help. That’s where specialty skincare treatments come in.

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