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Beauty Channel


Interested in seeing Jolie Academy students in action? On the Jolie Academy online beauty channel, you can!

Our beauty channel on YouTube offers a glimpse inside Jolie Hair and Beauty Academy and the training our students receive in the fields of cosmetology, esthetics and nail design. Videos uploaded online show Jolie Academy students practicing their techniques in the Jolie Academy clinics as they style hair, apply makeup and perform other tasks under the watchful eye of an experienced cosmetology instructor. Some of the videos on our channel also have an educational value, offering expert tips for applying makeup correctly and creating performance-ready hairstyles.

Jolie Academy Online Beauty Channel:

See Students in Action

As you will see in our online channel, hands-on training plays a large role in our students’ coursework at Jolie Academy. We partner with area organizations, such as the Springfield Armorettes, in Springfield, Massachusetts, to provide pre-performance beauty treatments and hairstyles to its members. The Springfield Armorettes are the official dance team of the Springfield Armor, an NBA development league in Springfield, Massachusetts.

It is evident in the videos on our YouTube channel that the Armorettes look forward to their Jolie Academy “makeovers” and appreciate the hard work and dedication of their student stylists. Likewise, our students appreciate the experience, because it gives them an opportunity to practice their techniques in a professional environment and develop confidence in their skills. It also gives students the opportunity to get involved in and support their local communities.

If you’ve ever considered a career in the beauty industry, we invite you to check out our YouTube beauty channel. Not only will our YouTube channel provide inspiration for your career goals, it will show you exactly what types of techniques you will learn at Jolie Hair and Beauty Academy. Become a subscriber and receive instant notification when we upload a new video to our online beauty channel.

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