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Beauty School

Jolie Academy Schools in Pennsylvania

At our beauty schools in PA, students train for careers as cosmetology and barbering professionals. Each beauty school trains students in the various cosmetology disciplines of hair design, manicuring, esthetics and men’s hair care, with an additional beauty school program to prepare cosmetologists to become effective teachers. With this education, students will leave beauty school prepared for a number of career opportunities: whether they dream of working as a master stylist, a salon owner or a skin care specialist.

The Beauty School Experience

As a student enrolled in one of the beauty schools in PA, your class time will be split between classroom and hands-on instruction. This mix of learning experiences is designed to give you a thorough education in all aspects of your program of study, from the theories behind the discipline to the practical techniques needed to work on clients.

In the early stages of your beauty school training, many of your learning experiences will take place in the classroom where you’ll develop a foundation on which to build your career. Here, you and your fellow beauty school classmates will spend ample time learning about general sciences, business skills and theoretical information related to the cosmetology disciplines you’re studying.

This may include makeup color theory, the principles of hair design, common skin disorders or the influence of hair type on hair design.

During this time, you’ll also work on mannequins (and perhaps your fellow classmates) to put into practice some of what you’ve learned in class.

As you progress through beauty school, you’ll begin working in the student clinic – a staple in all the best beauty schools in PA. In this real-world salon, you’ll have opportunities to consult with clients and provide a variety of cosmetology services underneath the experience of a beauty school instructor.

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