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Beauty Academy in Turnersville

At beauty schools in South Jersey, students with ambitions of working as hair stylists, platform artists, makeup artists and professional estheticians enthusiastically prepare for their future careers. It is here, under the watchful eyes of their instructors, that they develop the skills and professionalism they’ll need to launch their careers.

The beauty academy in Turnersville is one of the schools in South Jersey where students train for careers in the growing cosmetology industry. With program offerings in cosmetology, skin care and cosmetology teacher training, students can train for a wide range of exciting career opportunities, whether they dream of becoming a salon stylist, salon owner, beauty school instructor or skin care specialist.

What to Expect

At the beauty academy in Turnersville, students learn under the guidance of experienced instructors in small classroom environments. The low student-teacher ratio ensures that every student receives the individualized attention needed to excel in school and pass the New Jersey State Board of Cosmetology exam. From helping students master their cutting techniques, to ensuring they understand essential sanitation and hygiene practices, the role of instructors is to ensure that every student becomes the very best beautician they can be.

A big part of helping students become effective beauticians, is through plenty of hands-on experience. At the beauty academy in Turnersville, students spend ample time working on mannequins and then later on paying clients in the school’s student clinic. These experiences allow them to develop their professionalism, confidence and communication skills so they are best prepared for licensure and employment after graduation.

The Right School for You

Whether you decide to attend Jolie Academy in Turnersville, or another one of the beauty schools in South Jersey, it’s important to find the school that is the right fit for you. Schedule visits to speak with an admissions representative and get a feel for the learning environment at the schools that interest you. Another great way to evaluate schools is to schedule a beauty treatment for yourself at each student clinic. It’s not only a great way to get a feel for the professionalism of the school, but it’s also a great way to pamper yourself!

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