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Beauty Classes

With locations in Massachusetts, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, Jolie Academy is helping men and women along the Eastern Seaboard achieve their career dreams.

Jolie Academy offers beauty classes in cosmetology, nail technology, esthetics, barbering and cosmetology instruction. Each program aims to provide students with the knowledge and expertise required to pass their licensing exams and begin careers in the growing cosmetology field. “Our graduates are very comfortable going out into the industry,” cosmetology instructor Ms. Renee said.

Hands-on Instruction

According to Ms. Renee, the reason why students are so well prepared after graduation is because of Jolie Academy’s focus on hands-on training. “There’s a lot of repetition,” she said. “Students practice and learn until they feel completely comfortable.”

This hands-on training takes place first in the school’s beauty classes, where students learn and perfect their skills on mannequins. Then, once they’re more skilled and have developed a higher degree of confidence, they begin working on actual clients in the school’s student clinic. “The clinic gives students a great opportunity to work on clients from all walks of life,” cosmetology instructor Miss Linda said. “It’s great preparation for their careers.”

Dedicated Instructors

Esthetics instructor Madeline Barris formerly drove over an hour to get from her home to the Jolie Academy campus in Northfield, New Jersey, a scenario she said is quite common among her colleagues. “This school has generated such a wonderful sense of community,” she said. “Everyone really loves working and teaching here, it really says a lot about the school.”

Passionate instructors such as Barris are common at Jolie Academy, where instructors thrive on the experience of teaching beauty classes and guiding students. “I love teaching students,” cosmetology instructor Antonio Carmona said. “When you see that light bulb go off, when you know they understand what you’re teaching them, that brings joy to my heart.”

This high level of dedication means that students in beauty classes at Jolie Academy are receiving their training from instructors who want to see them succeed. This generally results in instructors going above and beyond for their students, whether by providing extra help in class, helping students prepare for their licensing exams or providing letters of recommendation for graduates.

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