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Beauty Salon School in Massachusetts

At our beauty salon school in Massachusetts, students train for careers in the cosmetology industry.

Before you begin your beauty training, you need to determine which program is right for you by taking the time to envision your future career and evaluate your goals. For instance, what services would you like to provide your clients? Do you have aspirations to own a beauty salon or become a cosmetology school instructor? What type of working environment do you prefer?

Once you know where you want your career to go, you can select a beauty training school that will set you on your ideal career path. At Jolie Academy, students can train for a wide range of positions in the cosmetology industry, including that of a hairstylist, coloring expert, manicurist, esthetician, makeup artist and salon owner.

Preparing for Your Career

As a student at Jolie Academy, you’ll begin preparing for your future career through a combination of classroom and hands-on experience. The goal of your beauty training is to ensure you’re ready for a job in a beauty salon after graduation, a goal your instructors will help you achieve through lots of hands-on practice, individualized instruction and encouragement. Consider the experience of Jolie Academy graduate Kaleigh Haniffy who said, “I have enjoyed my time at Jolie [Academy]. All the teachers were very helpful and really enthusiastic about cosmetology. I really appreciated them taking the time to help me prepare for my state boards. I feel very confident I will pass.”

In fact, the dedication and passion of the instructors at Jolie Academy plays a large role in the success of students in their beauty training programs. “All of our instructors are up to date with the upcoming industry trends and work as a team to get students where they need to be,” said assistant esthetics instructor Ashley Assarian.

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