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Beauty Schools in Pennsylvania

Beautician Schools in Pennsylvania

At Pennsylvania beautician schools, students with aspirations of working in the cosmetology industry train for their careers. These schools give students a foundation in the fundamentals of the cosmetology industry through theoretical classes and practical hands-on training.

One of the primary objectives of beautician schools in Pennsylvania is to give students the educational background required to pass the state’s cosmetology licensing exam, a prerequisite for anyone wishing to start a beauty career in the state. To sit for the exam, students must complete a minimum of 1,250 hours at a licensed beauty school, studying everything from hygiene to hair extensions.

Theoretical Curriculum

Although a beauty career consists of primarily hands-on tasks, there is a lot of background information that must be learned prior to working in a salon. A few of the topics you can expect to cover include:

  • Rules, Regulations and Safety. Beautician schools spend ample time teaching about safety and sanitation. From the prevention of salon accidents to handling contaminated tools to proper First Aid procedures, students are given the information necessary to maintain a clean and hygienic work environment. Students must take the time to learn these procedures well, as they will represent 25-35 percent of the written licensing examination.
  • Trichology. To care for the hair properly, you need to understand both the structure of the hair, and how to analyze clients to determine their hair type. Part of your cosmetology training will be learning to evaluate hair and determine a proper cut and style based on its pigment, wave pattern and texture.

Practical Experience

Through hands-on coursework, beautician schools teach students the techniques they’ll need to begin a beauty career as a stylist, makeup artist or skin care specialist. Throughout your program of study, you’ll work on mannequins, willing classmates and paying clients in the school’s student clinic to perfect your skills related to:

  • Hair cutting and styling
  • Hair coloring
  • Thermal styling
  • Hair braiding
  • Skin cleansing
  • Manicuring

Combined with your classroom experience, this will give you a well-rounded education to begin your beauty career.

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