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Beauty Schools in South Jersey

The quality of your beauty school education will lay the foundation for your future career. This makes it imperative that you compare beauty schools carefully and select a school that has a reputation for excellence. When looking at the various beauty schools in South Jersey, ask lots of questions and learn as much as possible about the instructors, educational philosophy and graduate success rate. This will help you select a school with confidence, knowing that you’ll be getting the best educational experience possible for your tuition dollars.

Features of the Best Beauty Schools

While features such as flexible scheduling and proximity to home may be important to you, the following features should be considered ‘must-haves’ when selecting a beauty school to attend:

  • Accreditation. Accreditation not only ensures that a beauty school meets a minimum standard of educational excellence, it also makes it eligible for federal financial aid funding – an important consideration if you can’t afford to pay the full cost of your education independently. Accreditation is optional, but it is something that all serious schools will have.
  • Career Placement. Career placement services assist students and graduates with their job search after graduation. This includes help with resume preparation, job interview skills and helping new grads locate job opportunities. In addition to an effective career placement department, you’ll want to find out what the job placement rate is for graduates. The higher the percentage, the better.
  • Hands-on Learning. Preparing for a hands-on career such as cosmetology requires a hands-on learning environment. When comparing beauty schools, make sure to find out how much hands-on practice you’ll get in school, whether on lifelike models, in a student clinic or through other opportunities. Bookwork is important for learning some aspects of the career, but when it comes to mastering your professional technique, you need lots of supervised, hands-on practice.
  • Quality Instruction. The best beauty school instructors are those who relate well to students, are invested in their success and have significant experience working as licensed cosmetologists. Look for beauty schools in South Jersey that encourage instructors to maintain employment as stylists or salon owners, as this experience is vital to their work as a teacher.

Not only will working instructors be more knowledgeable about the latest trends and techniques, they will be better able to relate to the current job market.

One of the beauty schools in South Jersey that meets all of these qualifications is Jolie Academy in Northfield. Jolie Academy prepares students for careers as professional cosmetologists, nail technicians and estheticians in a hands-on learning environment. For more information on Jolie Academy and its programs, contact an admissions representative by calling (609) 645-1221.

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