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Preparing for Beauty Careers: 3 Ludlow Grads

Find out the experiences of three recent Jolie Academy Ludlow graduates from the aesthetics and manicuring programs. Interested in pursuing your passion at Jolie Academy? Contact us to learn about the benefits of our programs.


Brandy Dutton, aesthetics graduate

“On my first day I was very nervous to come in. I met a wonderful teacher who saw that I had a lot of home issues and made it a point to check on me everyday. Mrs. Lurdes is absolutely the reason I made it through this program. She was good to me and tough on me when I needed it. Ms. Sandy is also a teacher that greatly impacted my Life during Jolie. She took the time to not only be a teacher but to be a professional role model. Ms. Jean is a woman that I will always hold in high regard. She really holds this school together. Without her this building would literally collapse.”



Jennifer Carrasquillo, manicuring graduate

“It was Fun!!!! I did it!!!!! WhooooooHooooooooo!!!!!!!”







Niki Yiantsidis, manicuring graduate

“I really enjoyed the class with Ms. Jessica. If it wasn’t for her, I don’t think the class would have been as good. Ms. Jessica is a great instructor and should be recognized for her thorough teaching.”