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Falling for Fall Hair Colors

From caramel highlights to rich red dyes, the colors of autumn always seem to inspire new hair hues. Here are the most popular fall hair color trends that are sure to give your clients hair envy – and the techniques to achieve them.


Burnished Bronze Ecaille

The ecaille, also known as the tortoiseshell technique, is one of the hottest hair color trends this autumn season. It borrows elements from the ombre, but softens the look by using multiple shades from the same family that are no more than two levels apart. It promises to make hair shiny, sun-kissed, and add dimension and volume to thinner hair. The ecaille is perfect for fall because it allows you to play with darker and deeper colors, but play off naturally colored hair. Learn how to get a burnished bronze ecaille with this tutorial video from Wella Professionals.


For the Men: Metallic Violet

Metallic hair is different from the pastel trend for one big reason: Shine! And it’s not just for the ladies – men have gaining attention with this trend. The key to an ultra metallic look is to start with ashy toned hair. Ash tones are most often used to combat brassiness in lightened hair. The metallic look calls for even more ash tones to create a silver iridescence. To add even more dimension, cut layers into the hair to add shape and creative movement. 



The Edgy Grombre

Grombre is exactly what you think it sounds like. The growing trend is a grey ombre that starts with naturally dark hair at the roots and seamlessly transitions to a metallic gray shade nearing the ends of the hair. It’s the best way to tone-down an unconventional color and make it more wearable for everyday. This technique works beautifully with any length of hair and style. 




If your client is looking for a more natural hair color that still offers a lot of dimension, look no further than flamboyage. This new trend combines the techniques of ombre and balayage to create natural, peek-a-boo highlights that grow in intensity close to the ends. The technique uses transparent adhesive strips called Flamboyage Meche Strips that adhere and separate layers of hair. The hair is then painted balayage-style, meaning it is artistically hand-painted. Unlike aluminum foils, Flamboyage Meche allows small and random amounts of hair to be isolated and colored. The added bonus of this technique: It’s perfect for clients who don’t want a lot of maintenance with their hair color because it minimizes the regrowth effect.


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