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Considering Cosmetology School? Why Not Try Out Job Shadowing First

For students excited about the possibility of a career in the beauty or healthcare industry, choosing a school is the first step. Even before that, however, it’s important to find out if this path is right for you. That’s why Jolie Health and Beauty Academy offers a job shadowing program.

This program is the perfect opportunity for students to get familiar with the industry, Jolie as a school, and learn about its many programs. Here are just some of the benefits of job shadowing:

Find out if a future in the beauty or healthcare industry is right for you! Cosmetology is a very broad term. Many students know they are interested in the field but don’t know which path is right for them. With Jolie’s job shadowing opportunity, prospective students are able to explore hairstyling, nail esthetics, or skin care to know for certain what concentration is right for them.

Learn about the expectations and skills necessary for a career in the field
Jolie Academy students graduate with a strong understanding of the skills necessary for a career in the field. Students are motivated and understand the standards they will be held to in the industry. Job shadowing is a great way to become familiar with these standards and skills so that can begin your program feeling prepared.

Talk to people who are on their way to a career in the industry
Job shadowing participants at Jolie Academy are matched with some of our most advanced students. This opportunity allows prospective students to match with current students to ask them questions about their journey and find out if a career in the beauty or healthcare industry is right for them.

Learn about the exciting programs and classes available at Jolie
If you are wondering whether to take the next step in your career and go back to school for a degree in beauty or healthcare, spend a day with us a Jolie Academy. Sit in on one of our many classes and shadow our students as they practice their techniques. Choose between one program, or spend a few days exploring them all. You will leave having had the same daily experience as a Jolie student. All of our job shadowing participants are also treated to a complimentary service.

For more information on job shadowing at one of our six locations, contact us today!