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How to Pick Your Perfect Mermaid Hair

Even as the summer season is boiling down to a simmer, mermaid hair is still a hot, sizzling trend. Everyone (and Instagram) can’t get enough of the rainbow transformations. If your clients are thinking of experimenting with color, lead them in the right direction with these tips on how to find the mermaid hair that suits their lifestyle and tastes.

1. Mermaid hair for the professional world

Sometimes your clients’ workplace may not be as hip on the mermaid hair trend as others. Keep their strands looking colorful yet professional by using soft pops of color on the bottom layers of hair using a technique called fluid hair painting. This method allows you to literally paint your clients’ hair on a large flat surface and gives a beautiful gradient effect to the hair, making it perfect for a subtle mermaid style.



2. Pastel periwinkle and metallic locks

Step up last year’s granny hair trend with pops of periwinkle colors. This mermaid hair coloring works well with clients who already have a platinum base to work with. Even though the colors are softer than their bolder cousins, the lasting effect is just as dramatic.


3. Full on rainbow

The multi-tone mermaid style is as daring as it gets. If your client wants a show-stopping look, don’t search any further.  Choose four or five colors and discuss which shade they want closest to the roots and blend one color into the next in a seamless process by using the color wheel as your tool.



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4. Fall into autumn-inspired colors

Transition your summer mermaid hair for the upcoming fall season by adding rich, deep shades such as oxblood. It will add an understated sophistication to your look and pair beautifully with your autumn wardrobe.



Once your client has decided on their perfect mermaid style, it’s time to give them the tousled locks they’ve been dreaming of with these 5 steps!

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