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Princess Perfect Styles and Other Disney ‘Do’s

Jolie Beauty School Disney CrownAre you dreaming up a ponytail fit for a prince?

Is your eyeliner game worthy of “A Whole New World?”

Would your curling iron skills make the most handsome prince in all the land take notice?

Then hold on to your mouse ears, because Disney madness is set to take over Jolie Academy locations on May 16th!

Here’s how it works:

Students can pick any Disney theme they want – princess, villain, adorable sidekick or even dashing prince. Each campus will pick the best Disney styles to win an awesome beauty bag. From there, each finalist will go on to a Facebook competition to get the most ‘likes’ and win a beauty supply gift card.

You don’t need a million dollars – or even ­$14,000 like this woman – to look like a princess. All it takes is a little imagination, some hairspray and a few bobby pins.

Ready to get your Disney on? Here are four princess-perfect looks, tutorials and hacks to unleash your inner Beast (or Belle):

Jolie Beauty School Sleeping Beauty Princess Disney


1. Sleeping Beauty style

Before there was Beyoncé, Sleeping Beauty ruled the world and pioneered the original flawless “I woke up like this”-style.  This Sleeping Beauty hair tutorial will help you achieve a curl that would make Maleficent jealous.


Jolie Beauty School Elsa Disney Princess

2. A braid so cool it’s “Frozen”

Ice princesses, behold: an Elsa braid tutorial to perfectly create this chill blonde up-do.  You won’t need your own Olaf to perfect this look – but you may need this Elsa make-up tutorial and some purple eye shadow, jet-black liner and raspberry lips.


3. Sidekicks that steal the spotlight

Every princess needs a bestie. These super adorable sidekick make-up hacks and costume ideas are sure to steal the show.


4. Disney divas

Every good Disney movie has one – the diva. They’re sassy, temperamental and a whole lot of fabulous. They have big hair and bold make-up. Are you ready to unleash your inner (or outer) diva? Here are a few ways you can pull off your best Disney bad girl look.

Still not sure which look to go for? Try this quiz to find your perfect princess style!