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Jolie Student Spotlight of the Month: Antoine Demby

Jolie Academy Cherry Hill student Antoine Demby knew he wanted to be a barber because he loved being in the barbershop. What he loved most was the atmosphere and working with customers, which is something that had interested him for a while. So, he decided to put that dream into action by becoming a barber student at Jolie Academies.

Since starting at Jolie, Antoine can think of three memorable experiences. The first was when his teacher Ms. Tasha called him out of his freshman barber class to pick up his tools, his barber kit. The next was when he passed his Barber 450 test, which allowed him to join the Senior Barbers. The last was when his senior level teacher Ms. Isabel called his name to help his first client.

It's that same teacher, Ms. Isabel, who Antoine feels he learned the most from.

When he graduates, Antoine would like to get right into a barber shop and start gaining as much experience as he can. It’s important for him to leave his customers satisfied with their experience and always coming back. His five-year plan is to manage his own shop and to grow in the industry.

One last piece of advice he would like to give his fellow classmates is to be patient, stay focused, and remember why you’re here and what your ultimate goal is.