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Three rules every barber needs for a successful career

Jolie Academy Barber School Barbering Competition

Ladies and gentlemen, start your clippers. The summer barber battles are heating up – starting with Jolie Academy’s Cherry Hill campus’ first-ever Barber Battle on June 13.

The event is a chance to show off your skills and gain a little recognition for your stylish work. Cherry Hill students can sign-up at the school to battle it out in the categories of fastest fade, classic cut and freestyle.

Jolie Northfield will also get in on the action. Its students will be on hand to judge the work and an instructor will be the event’s emcee.

There is no entry fee for the barber battle and it’s open to any student who is actively enrolled in school. It is recommended that students come in school uniform and have current barber permits (status will be verified by the State Board of NJ.)

Jolie Academy Barber School Barbering Competition

Joshua Boyer is a recent Jolie barbering graduate that has competed in his fair share of barber battles. This summer he will be participating in another one – the Atlantic City Barber Expo on July 17 – as Jolie Academy’s Platform Artist.

Competing in Barber Battles has helped Joshua create a name for himself in the industry. He’s received sponsorships for hair and beard oil products and his work has appeared in magazines.  

When it comes to taking your barbering career to the next level Joshua offers these tips to help you shave, clip and trim your way to the top.  

1. It’s about connections.

“Never talk bad about anyone’s work,” says Joshua. “Positivity brings more positivity.” Whether you’re competing at a barber battle or simply working in a salon or barbershop, it’s always best to check any negativity at the door, he says.

Jolie Academy Barber School Barbering Competition

2. Stay humble.

Imagine you just got crowned winner of the barber battle. Or flash forward a few years and you are the owner of the hottest barbershop in town. Treating others with respect and kindness is the way to stay on top of the game, says Joshua. “Stay true to yourself,” adds Joshua. “We all started somewhere. It’s important to lift up others when they need it.”

3. The money will come if you work hard. 

“It’s about making people feel better about themselves,” says Joshua. “You make that your priority and the money will come.” If you focus on doing great work, satisfied clients won’t just come back – they’ll be sure to tell everyone the name of the barber who made them look so fresh.

Want to see the results of Cherry Hill’s Barber Battle? Keep watching our Instagram page (@jolie_academies) for photos of the winners and favorite looks. You can also follow Joshua Boyer as he prepares for the Atlantic City Barber Expo by following him on Instagram at @dosecoiffeur. (All images credited to @dosecoiffeur, Instagram.)