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What are the steps to getting your cosmetology license?

Before you can begin working as a cosmetologist, you must first earn your cosmetology license. A common question that prospective students ask us during the admissions process is, “What are the steps to getting your cosmetology license?” Although the licensing requirements change from state to state, some of the prerequisites are the same across the board. Here’s what we tell prospective and current students at Jolie:

Step one: Make sure you select the right school

Before even thinking about fulfilling licensure requirements, you must first choose a cosmetology school. This part of the process is an important first step that will lend to your professional development and acquired skills. Make sure you select a school that is accredited and that meets your state’s licensing standards. Take into consideration the quality of the school’s instructors and the reputation of the facility.

Step Two: Study hard and learn all you can

When it comes to school, you get out of it what you put in. Cosmetology school teaches its students so many valuable lessons well beyond cutting hair. Much of the information that you will learn will be important to passing your licensing exam, so take it seriously and study hard.

Step Three: Check that you meet state requirements

Each state has specific requirements that you must meet before you are able to sit for the exam. These requirements pertain to student age, education level, hours of experience, and more. Be aware of what is required of you in the state that you are pursuing your license, and all necessary information you may need to submit to the licensing board to ensure you meet their guidelines.

Step Four: Take the exam!

Once you complete cosmetology school, it’s time to register for your exam! Most states require you to fill out an application and pay a fee before scheduling your exam time. Research what is required for your state to make sure you take your exam on time, and have all completed all the necessary steps.

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