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What Make Up Brush Should I be Using?!

Makeup Brush Make Up Brush Jolie Beauty Academy


Many people ask me what kind of brush should I be using to apply foundation or what brush do you prefer?  The great thing about make up is there is no wrong answer!  Don't let the lady at the fancy make up counter tell you that you can only use a foundation brush that costs a ton of money.  The above picture shows a traditional foundation brush.  I personally do not like using these.  They hold way too much product and I wind up using more foundation on my face then necessary.  If not used properly you can really look streaky and unblended.  The phrase less is best applies here!  I prefer to use a foundation brush to contour because that is when I would use more product.  Many people are using lighter weight BB creams and CC creams instead of foundation and you want a light application to go with it.  I think everyone would agree that we want to have the flawless airbrushed look with a little amount of product.  Some of us buy expensive foundations let's not let this brush eat it all up.


Makeup Brushes Make Up Jolie Academy Beauty


You can use any brush to apply foundation.  Trust me your not breaking any laws!  These are my favorite brushes to do the job.  With each of these brushes you only want to dip a small amount of foundation.  Do not saturate the brush.  The brush on the left feels like a light feather.  The bristles are further apart.  I use this brush to do an all over application using a light sweeping motion back and forth.  Do not use a lot of pressure.  I think this brush gives the closest look to airbrush without getting airbrushed.  I will use the middle brush to apply a little more product under the eye and nose area.  The bristles are close together letting more product get to your face, this is why I use it to help cover bags or blemishes.  The last brush, is yes a blush brush!  Blush brushes are also a great all over applicator to use to apply foundation.


These are just a few of my favorites.  Try experimenting to see what brush you like to use best.  You will be surprised at some of the amazing results you will get.  My favorite brand of brushes are MAC and Crown brushes but I also have some great no name brands that I have picked up that are some of my favorites.  The blush brush pictured is one of those!  All in all you want nice soft brushes since your face is a delicate part of your body!


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What do you think? Do you prefer one of these products over another? Or, maybe you have a spa day favorite that you think we need to know about. Whatever the reason, we’d love to hear from you!


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