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What Social Media's Best Stylists Can Teach You About Building Your Personal Brand

As a hair and beauty specialist, having a strong personal brand is key to building your business. You can’t succeed without clients! What you can do is do great work, show it to the world, and make it easy for potential clients to choose you over other stylists.

Today’s social media platforms have made it easier than ever to build a personal brand, but don’t be mistaken: it still takes work! We looked at some of today’s best stylists on social media to see how they’re handling their own personal brands, and what they could teach others about doing the same.

So: what can social media’s best stylists teach you about building your personal brand? Take a look below to find out:

1. Connect with who you know.

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When building your business, your network is your best asset. Connect and keep in touch with past customers, friends, family, and even other stylists. Word of mouth is incredibly powerful, so the bigger your network, the better!

One look at Kristin Ess' Instagram and you'll see exactly what we're talking about. Kristin, best known as Lauren Conrad's hairstylist, follows over 1,000 people in her network and is always tagging friends and clients in her posts.

2. Showcase your best work.

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You don’t have to look at many accounts to realize how important it is to show photos (and even videos) of your work. Where many clients in past decades relied solely on fashion magazines or TV shows and movies to pick and spot styles, today’s clients often look towards social media to find new looks and ideas. By taking and posting photos, you’re creating a portfolio of your work for potential clients who want to learn what you’re all about.

Fashion stylist Cher Coulter excels at this. Even though she mainly works with celebrities, there's no guessing involved: you'll know her style as soon as you take a look at her Instagram feed.

3. Don’t give away your secret sauce.

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Coke doesn’t give away their secret recipe. Why should you give away yours? There’s nothing wrong with doing tutorials or how-tos—just make sure your special touches are left for paying clients. In fact, how-tos can be a great way to share your favorite styles! But what makes you, you is important to hold onto.

Rita Hazan, who's created looks for Beyonce and Jessica Simpson, sprinkles tips on hair coloring and care throughout her feed. Great information—but she makes sure to keep her style secrets to herself.

4. Use your happy customers to your advantage!jolie blog


As you might’ve guessed from our first suggestion, your happy customers are a tremendous way to grow your client base. If you do great work and your clients are happy, they’ll be that much more likely to recommend you when their friends ask about a new stylist.

To that end, make sure you share customers’ comments on social media (with their permission, of course)! Want an example of this in action? Look no further than Lou Teasdale. What better endorsement than a smiling photo of Harry Styles?

5. Keep it professional.

Sorry, no photo for this one! This is a simple rule that we've mentioned before: if you have to stop and ask yourself, “Should I publish this?” the answer is that you probably shouldn’t. Always assume that on social media, anyone can see anything you've ever posted (even if it's private). You have a reputation to maintain, so don't detract from it by posting inappropriate content that hurts your image.

Are there any other lessons we missed? How about a favorite stylist or other influencer you follow on social media? Let us know what’s on your mind! You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.