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Why Choose a Pro

Why should you choose a professional to take care of your hair and make up for your most important moments in life?




-We are licensed professionals, meaning we went to school for our trade and did both written and practical hours and exams to hone our skills.  We did not learn on You Tube!


-We can hide bobby pins like a champ and can make the smallest amount of hair look like a lot. 


-We continue to educate ourselves through advanced education.  We can attend classes that are for professionals only that the average person can not attend.


-We go to trade shows that are also professional only events to learn the newest trends and tips.


-We use professional products and stand behind them.  We also know how to use them properly.


-Our make up application does not 'crack off.'

















-We clean our tools and know how to sanitize correctly.


-We learned professionalism.  We want you to be happy.  If for some reason you are unhappy we want to know so we can make you happy.  It would never offend us.


-I can't speak for every professional out there but I can speak for myself and I hold these values high to keep my trade in good standing.



I've heard some pretty horrific things that have happened to people in the past.  Here are just a few:


-Contracting pink eye from using dirty implements.

-Make up cracking off.  This is caused by incorrect application or not well quality products.

-Breaking out - Could be from dirty brushes or poor clogging products.

-Making aged skin look worse.  Proper education and experience is what is needed here.

-Wishing you spent the money for a professional because you do not like your event photos.  Most complaints are looking washed out.


We spend a ton of money on photographers and the pictures we get last a lifetime.  Hire a trained professional so you are happy with your final results.




What do you think? Let us know! You can contact us on our website, call us at 1-800-619-5135, or find us on social media: FacebookInstagramTwitter, and Pinterest.


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