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Why Choose Airbrush Make Up?

Airbrush Makeup Beauty Professionals Jolie Academy

The real question is why not?! I have been practicing the art of Airbrush Makeup for over 10 years and it is AMAZING! I no longer offer a traditional make up application anymore. You need to see a Professional and not buy it from an infomercial! I’ve heard so many misconceptions over the years that I wanted to clear up.


  1. It will be really heavy. False! In fact it is so light weight most people say they do not feel like they are wearing anything at all. 
  2. It will hurt. This is just silly! It feels like a cool breezy air. If anything it will tickle especially around your nose!
  3. Airbrush does not come in a light enough color to match my skin. You can create a foundation color to your skin with any make up. Going to an experienced professional should solve this problem.
  4. I had it done before and it cracked. This can be a common mistake to someone new at doing Airbrush Make up. They used too much product.

Why is Airbrush so great?!

  1. It is nearly flawless!
  2. It helps fill in fine lines and wrinkles!
  3. It’s smudge and water proof! (Unless you dump a bucket of water over you.)
  4. It looks amazing in HD photography.
  5. It dries matte which helps combat the look of sweat.
  6. It is long lasting!

As with any service you get what you pay for. Finding the cheapest deal is not always going to get you what you are looking for. I personally use a Professional grade product with a silicone base to give the ultimate appearance of flawless. Other bases are water and alcohol and may not be as long lasting. An experienced professional has perfected their skill set. They can match your coloring and pull out your best features.

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