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It's time for a winter Spray Tan!



I don't know about you but this time of year makes me dream of beaches!  I am not a fan of winter and now that the holidays are over there is nothing left to look forward to other than my count down to summer!  Getting through these winter months are brutal though because I am paler than pale and I have no overall glow anymore.  I tend to get dry patches and dull itchy skin throughout the winter.  I know it is tempting to want to go warm up in a tanning booth but please DON'T DO THAT TO YOURSELF!  I may sound harsh but it is skin cancer in a box!  Not only does it signifigantly raise your chance of skin cancer it also dries out your skin and increases premature aging.  I know I certainly do not want to look like the Grandmom from There's Something About Mary!  


So why not an Airbrush tan??  Yes, I am sure you have heard horror stories of looking like an orange but if you go to the right person with the right prep you will feel like you just got off the beach in Cancun!


So what do you need to know:

  1. Go to a licensed professional (we know what we are doing!)
  2. Don't cheap out and let a machine do it!  (Have you seen the color it turns people's feet? Not to mention the uneveness!)
  3. Embarrassed of someone looking at you?  Don't be, we have seen it all and we are just as self concious when we get it done.
  4. Book your appointment when you can go home and relax or go to bed because you can not sweat or touch water for at least 8 hours for most formulas.
  5. Shower, shave, and exfolliate before your appointment.  When I say exfolliate a wash cloth is good enough, no reason to use a harsh loofah.  Start exfoliating with just a wash cloth the week prior to your appointment.
  6. Sorry no deodorant!!  Don't worry we know when you lie and wear it anyway because the tan turns a different color.
  7. DO NOT wear any makeup, moisturizer, lotion, or perfume.. don't worry you will surely run into someone you know in your travels to your appointment! :)
  8. Wear baggy clothes and flip flops.  Please don't show up in your skinny jeans.. I have to hold back an eye roll on that one!
  9. When you go into your appointment your hair should be pulled back and you will get a very stylish cap to put on.  Make sure you put lotion on your elbows, knees, feet/ ankles, palms of hands, and inside of wrists.  Cocoa butter works great, no need for anything fancy.  Make sure you do not touch any other parts of your body with the lotion!  The lotion helps create a barrier so the tan doesn't take too dark in your dry spots.  In the winter months lay it on thick because we all tend to be dryer!
  10. When getting sprayed, we will ask you to move around, hold your hands up, etc.  We give you a mini work out that you didn't know about.  We also wake you up because it is freezing.. sorry!
  11. I reccomend going to someone who will ask you about how you like to look in your tan rather than picking from a chart that ranges lightest to darkest.  We are the professional let us choose what is best for you.  Super Dark or "tahiti dark" could make someone who is very pale turn very orange.  When I see places with charts I run away!
  12. After the spray is complete you will be left to dry usually by fans.
  13. Once dry you will feel tacky, dress in your baggy clothes and if you can go braless.
  14. I always recomend an evening appointment so you can go home and go to sleep because you can not touch water or sweat which can be impossible with regular everyday tasks.  I put a towel down in bed because it can rub off.  It is washable but does not wash out of satin.
  15. Once your time is up shower and gently wash, stay away from exfolliating.
  16. To keep your tan lasting great, MOISTURIZE,  MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE!
  17. Tan extending lotions are good too since most contain some tanning agents in it.
  18. Depending on the way your body exfolliates your tan could last you anywhere from 3-7 days.
  19. You will notice your tan starting to rub off around your elbows and knees when you see that it is time to start exfolliating and prepping for your next appointment.  Please don't try to keep extending it, all you achieve is looking like a spotty leopard!

I hope these tips help you! I love getting airbrush tanned in the winter for a great pick me up!


(By Jaime Iacono of www.shimmerforyou.com.)