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Cosmetology Teacher (NJ)

Cosmetology Teacher’s Course

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Cosmetology schools across the country are in need of qualified instructors with expertise in the fields of nail technology, cosmetology and esthetics. If you are a professional cosmetologist who is patient, knowledgeable and eager to share your industry knowledge, you can enhance your career opportunities by enrolling in the cosmetology Teacher Training program at Jolie Academy. Offered at our New Jersey locations,the Teacher Training program will prepare you to work with students in a hands-on learning environment with training in:

  • • Teaching methods
  • • Preparing coursework
  • • Delivering lessons
  • • Supervising students
  • • Testing and evaluating
  • • Developing a teaching portfolio

Whether you want to work in the beauty industry as a full time teacher or are looking for a supplemental job opportunity, the training you receive at Jolie will put you on the path to success.

Contact our Cherry Hill, Northfield or Turnersville, NJ campuses today for more information.

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