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Becoming a Beauty Instructor in New Jersey

Working as a beauty instructor gives cosmetology professionals the ability to expand their beauty careers while having a positive impact on the lives of others. “I love sharing everything I’ve learned throughout my 35 years in the industry and passing along the different experiences I’ve had while working in a salon,” Jolie beauty instructor Miss Linda said.

Jolie instructor Antonio Carmona (Mr. T), shared a similar sentiment: “Seeing that light bulb go off, when you know they understand what you’re teaching them, it brings joy to my heart.”

Requirements to Become a Beauty Instructor

Beauty schools in New Jersey provide teacher training programs for cosmetologists who want to increase their future job opportunities. To work as an instructor in New Jersey, applicants must meet all of the state licensing guidelines, which require that applicants be at least 18 years old with a high school diploma or equivalent. Applicants must also hold a current cosmetology-hairstyling license and have proof that they’ve recently completed at least 500 hours of teacher training at one of the state’s licensed beauty schools.

Beauty Instructor Training Program

The teacher training curriculum at licensed beauty schools in New Jersey give students a comprehensive education in teaching theories and methods. Throughout the program, students will learn in-depth information about course development, the learning process, student motivation, communication techniques, syllabus writing, teaching methods, classroom management and student assessment.

In an effort to give students the best possible start to their new beauty careers, they will receive plenty of practical teaching experiences, much of it earned in the school’s student clinic. Here, they’ll oversee cosmetology and esthetician students while answering questions and helping them refine their professional techniques. Through this experience, students in the teacher training program will gain confidence in their teaching skills that will serve them well in their future beauty careers. These beauty careers may include a position as a beauty school instructor, a beauty school director, a textbook contributor or a school licensing inspector.

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