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Cosmetology Instructor Course Requirements


Cosmetology instructors play a critical role in the future of the cosmetology industry by ensuring that the next generations of beauty professionals have the confidence, skills and enthusiasm necessary for their new careers. Because of this responsibility, there are some requirements that instructors must meet, both before and after they begin their cosmetology instructor course.

Prerequisites for a Cosmetology Instructor Course

Before you can enroll in an instructor training program, you must become a licensed cosmetologist by completing a cosmetology training program. This course will provide you with the fundamentals of your career through comprehensive training in all aspects of hair, skin and nail care. It will also provide a background in the business of cosmetology, by educating you about salon management, customer service skills, inventory management and sanitation.

Many schools also require licensed cosmetologists to work in the field for a period of time before enrolling in an instructor course. Even if it’s not required, this can be an incredibly valuable opportunity to further develop your skills before working as a teacher.

Cosmetology Instructor Requirements

Once you meet the prerequisites and are eligible to enroll in a cosmetology instructor course, you can begin working on the requirements to become a licensed instructor. The first step is the course itself, which will help you become an effective teacher through specialized coursework in:

  • Lesson planning
  • Teaching techniques
  • Record keeping
  • Communication skills
  • Student evaluation
  • Developing and administering exams

Throughout the course, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to practice your communication and teaching skills, both by co-teaching cosmetology courses and assisting students in the school clinic. At the completion of your training, you’ll be eligible to sit for the state licensing exam.

Another of the important cosmetology instructor requirements is enrolling in continuing education courses to stay current on the latest techniques and trends in the industry. Many instructors also choose to work as stylists or salon owners to ensure they have the knowledge their students need to achieve their highest goals.

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