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Cosmetology Instructor Training in NJ


Cosmetology instructors play a very important role in the beauty industry by teaching and inspiring future generations of beauty professionals. To be eligible to work as an instructor, you must first earn a cosmetology license and then enroll in a cosmetology instructor training program. These programs are offered at NJ cosmetology schools such as Jolie Academy.

Enrolling in a cosmetology instructor training program can be an extremely valuable experience for a professional cosmetologist, as it can open them up to a wide range of job opportunities in the beauty industry. In addition to working as an instructor, for example, you may have opportunities to work as a school director, program director, accreditation specialist, licensing exam proctor or platform artist. Instructors may also co-author or edit student textbooks.

Enrolling in a Cosmetology Instructor Training Program

The instructor training programs at NJ cosmetology schools give students the knowledge and teaching skills they’ll need to pass the state exam and earn their professional license. Students also spend a great deal of time learning how to teach through classroom instruction in:

  • Educational theories
  • Student assessment
  • Daily lesson planning
  • Record keeping
  • Assessment tools
  • Practical demonstrations

Hands-on training plays a large role in the program, giving students ample opportunities to develop their teaching style and communication skills. Students get this hands-on training by co-teaching cosmetology classes and by overseeing students in the student clinic.

At the conclusion of their training programs, students are able to apply for their teaching license in the state where they wish to teach, a process that requires a passing score on a written examination. Licensed instructors are then eligible to teach at any of the NJ cosmetology schools, or obtain other positions in the cosmetology industry depending on their goals and interests.

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