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Teacher Training Course at Cosmetology School in New Jersey

Are you outgoing, a good communicator and passionate about the beauty industry?

If so, you may have what it takes to become an effective cosmetology school instructor.

Select cosmetology schools in New Jersey offer teacher training programs for licensed cosmetologists who want to take their careers to the next level. In each teacher training course, students are taught skills related to classroom management, creative teaching skills and classroom preparation and organization. “It’s important for us to teach them how to be calm under pressure,” Jolie Academy instructor Miss Linda said.

In the teacher training course at Jolie, students begin by observing students on the clinic floor to get a better understanding of the student-teacher dynamic and the teacher’s role in assisting students. Then, after 300 hours of observation, they can begin answering questions and working with cosmetology students directly. Through this experience, they learn how to instruct students without actually having to take the scissors and demonstrate a technique, a challenging skill that comes only from plenty of practice.

In addition to the hands-on experience of assisting students on the clinic floor, those enrolled in the teacher training course at Jolie will study:

  • Course development
  • Lesson planning
  • Teaching techniques
  • Record keeping
  • Developing and administering examinations
  • Evaluating students
  • Effective communication skills

All of this coursework prepares graduates of the program to take the New Jersey state licensing exam, a requirement for graduates of teacher training programs who want to put their expertise to work in the classroom. In addition to working as an instructor in one of the cosmetology schools in New Jersey, graduates of teacher training programs may headline beauty shows, work for a textbook publisher or provide test preparation for students taking the licensing exams. “Being a licensed instructor gives cosmetologists many more career options,” Miss Linda said.

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