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Cosmetology Teacher (PA)

Cosmetology Teacher’s Course

Cosmetology Teacher Training Course

Cosmetology schools here in Pennsylvania need qualified instructors with experience in cosmetology, esthetics, and nail technology. If you are a passionate professional cosmetologist with great communication skills, cutting edge skills, and a willingness to share your knowledge with students, enroll in the cosmetology Teacher program today. At our Pennsylvania campuses, the Teacher program will prepare you to work with students in hands-on learning environments.

  • • Supervising students
  • • Delivering lessons
  • • Teaching methods
  • • Preparing coursework
  • • Testing and evaluating
  • • Developing a teaching portfolio

Whether you’d like to work full time as a cosmetology teacher or whether you’d like to supplement your income with something extra, get on the fast track to success with Teacher training from Jolie.

Contact our Hazleton, PA campus or our Wilkes-Barre, PA campus to get started with our Cosmetology Teacher PA program!