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Become a Licensed Cosmetology Teacher in Pennsylvania

Earning your cosmetology teacher license isn’t just for those who want a career in education; it’s for those who want to expand their career options and invite opportunities that wouldn’t be available otherwise. Take Renee Tate, a Supervising Cosmetology Instructor at Jolie Academy who teaches full time, works in a salon and serves as a proctor for the state licensing exam. “Once you have your teacher’s license, you’ll have achieved the highest level of education possible in the cosmetology field,” she said. “It opens up a lot of opportunities.”

Enrolling in a Cosmetology Teacher Training Program

Before you can enroll in a teacher training program, you must complete a general cosmetology program and earn your state license. Through this training, you’ll learn all the skills required to work as a professional cosmetologist, from hair care, to esthetics to manicuring. Whether or not you intend on working as a practicing cosmetologist in a salon, this education will be vital to your role as a cosmetology teacher, as it will provide you with the knowledge and skills to teach your students. “Once you become a cosmetologist, you can take the 500-hour program to become a licensed cosmetology instructor,” Tate said.

At Jolie, the cosmetology teacher training program focuses on the fundamentals of teaching and includes:

  • Basic learning styles and principles
  • Teaching plans and learning environments
  • Lesson planning
  • Record keeping
  • Student assessment

In addition to the classroom instruction, students in the Jolie cosmetology teacher training program spend a great deal of time developing their teaching techniques and communication skills by co-teaching cosmetology classes and supervising students in the student clinic. One of the major benefits of this hands-on experience is learning how to teach and guide students without taking the scissors from their hands and demonstrating the procedure for them, for example.

At the end of the program, graduates will be well prepared to earn their teaching credentials by taking the state licensing exam.