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Become a Professional Cosmetology Teacher at Jolie

The joy of working as a cosmetology teacher comes from the satisfaction of sharing your knowledge with others. Take it from Jolie cosmetology teacher Antonio Carmona, better known as ‘Mr. T’, who says, “When I see that light bulb go off, and I know that they understand what I’m teaching them, that brings joy to my heart.”

Jolie cosmetology teacher Ms. Renee agrees. “I love sharing all of the knowledge and experiences I’ve collected over the past 35 years,” she said.

The teacher training program at Jolie Hair and Beauty Academy is geared towards professional cosmetologists who want to take their careers to the next level. The curriculum includes coursework in effective teaching methods, evaluating students’ performance, student-teacher relations and delivering lessons. “It’s important for us to teach students in the teacher training program how to be calm under pressure,” Ms. Renee said. “They also need to learn to give direction and teach students without taking the scissors and demonstrating the technique themselves, that takes a lot of practice.”

The Benefit of Enrolling in a Teacher Training Program

Enrolling in a teacher training program, such as the one offered at Jolie Hair and Beauty Academy is a great way for professional cosmetologists to open themselves up to additional career opportunities. Graduates can become full-time teachers, or balance a part-time teaching schedule along with a career as a stylist or salon owner. Earning a cosmetology teacher certificate can also make you more marketable for other opportunities, such as salon management, for example. “I actually went on to earn my teaching certificate, not because I was interested in teaching, but because I knew it would increase my overall job opportunities,” Carmona said. “The experience opened my eyes to something totally new, however, and I realized that what I really wanted to do was to share my knowledge with others.”

The cosmetology instructor program is available at Jolie Hair and Beauty Academy locations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. A valid cosmetology license is a prerequisite for admittance into the program.