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Cosmetology Instructor Requirements

In addition to working as a cosmetologist, many professionals in the beauty industry advance their careers and increase their job opportunities by getting their cosmetology instructor certification. Such certification demands certain cosmetology instructor requirements, which vary by state and school. These requirements must be met prior to being accepted into a teacher certification program and prior to obtaining a cosmetology teaching position.

Cosmetology Certification

One requirement for anyone wanting to become a cosmetology instructor, is completion of a licensed cosmetology program and state certification. This education is very important, as it will influence your technique and your overall understanding of the industry. With this in mind, make sure you select your cosmetology school carefully based on its reputation, professionalism, accreditation status, teacher commitment and job placement rates. Not only will it help you become a better cosmetologist, but it will help you to become a better teacher down the road.

Work Experience

Unlike some schools, the cosmetology instructor requirements at Jolie Hair and Beauty Academy do not require applicants to have a specific amount of work experience prior to applying for admission. This means that recent graduates of a cosmetology program who are passionate about their desire to teach can continue on with their education immediately after obtaining their professional cosmetology license.

Teacher Training Course

Once you’ve earned your cosmetology license, it’s time to learn how to become an effective teacher. In many states, cosmetology instructor requirements require those aspiring to become cosmetology instructors to complete a specialized training course through a licensed school. These courses focus on curriculum development, lesson planning, supervisory techniques, teaching theory, evaluation methods, student assessments and other essential skills.

Teacher training courses are offered at cosmetology schools such as Jolie Hair and Beauty Academy. Our cosmetology instructor training program is designed to give trained cosmetologists the teaching skills necessary to become effective classroom instructors. It’s also designed to give students the skills they need to pass the state licensing exam — the last step required before these professionals can begin their teaching careers.