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Cosmetology Instructor School


If you are a licensed cosmetologist who has a passion for the industry, you might consider training to become a cosmetology instructor, a role that would allow you to share that passion with others while playing an active role in the education of future cosmetologists.

But while having a standard cosmetology license gives you the expertise necessary to work in a salon or spa, you’ll need additional training and licensure to work as a cosmetology instructor. Cosmetology teacher training programs are offered at many licensed cosmetology schools and are the necessary next step for cosmetologists interested in teaching. One good school that offers a cosmetology teacher training program is Jolie Academy in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Our teacher training program is open to licensed cosmetologists and provides students with a comprehensive education in the fundamentals of teaching so they can become effective instructors in the classroom.

What makes Jolie Academy such a good cosmetology teacher training school? For one, we are a licensed and accredited institution that takes the quality of its education seriously. As a student in one of our four locations, you’ll obtain the specialized training you’ll need to pass your state exam and compete for jobs in your area. Secondly, we combine small class sizes with expert instructors to ensure you get the best possible education.

Throughout your program of study, you will learn about communicating with students, the role of a cosmetology instructor, student motivation, classroom management, teaching methodologies and curriculum development. Upon completion of your teacher training program, you’ll be eligible to sit for the state exam, the last step towards earning your license and beginning a rewarding career as a cosmetology instructor.