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Cosmetology Teacher Profession


One of the reasons Jolie cosmetology instructor Miss Maddie Yackanich was interested in entering the cosmetology teacher profession, was to help students. “I wanted to be able to enhance other students’ learning expectations so they can follow their dreams in the beauty industry,” Miss Maddie said. “I love my career.”

At Jolie Hair and Beauty Academy, you can follow your dream of becoming a cosmetology teacher through the school’s comprehensive cosmetology teacher training course. The course is aimed at cosmetology professionals who have already completed a traditional cosmetology program and earned their professional licensure. Because students in the course are already expected to have a solid background in hairstyling, nail tech and esthetics, the curriculum of the cosmetology teacher training course focuses almost exclusively on effective teaching strategies, communication skills, lesson planning and related topics.

To reinforce the material learned in class, students at Jolie Hair and Beauty Academy who are preparing for the cosmetology teacher profession will co-teach courses and assist upper level students in the school clinic. This experience is very valuable, as it helps students develop confidence in their teaching abilities prior to completing the cosmetology teacher training course — confidence that will help them pass the state licensing exam and land their first teaching job after graduation.

Is Becoming a Teacher Right for You?

If you are thinking of entering the cosmetology teacher profession, it is important to determine whether the career is right for you. “Some of the most important qualities of good cosmetology teachers include having an outgoing nature, good listening skills, patience, love and a passion for the cosmetology industry,” Ms. Maddie said. “It can also lead to a variety of other careers in the industry, such as headlining beauty shows or teaching color classes.”

And if Miss Maddie’s experience is any indication, it can also lead to a lifetime of job satisfaction. “One of my favorite parts of being a teacher is watching the students grow from a bud to a rose,” Miss Maddie said. “I love seeing their learning experiences grow as they complete the course.”